Friday, May 19, 2023

A list of truth bombs

My Twitter followers have been growing steadily, as I have been gaining over a thousand new ones every month. 

A lot of the new ones are there not to learn but to attack, or perhaps to see what the "hasbaristas" are doing so they can come up with responses.

I thought it would only be polite to welcome them with a list of the consistent themes of my writings, truth bombs for those who live in an anti-Israel bubble. I added only a small number of representative links. 

1. Anti-Zionism is thinly veiled antisemitism
2. Arab antisemitism is orders of magnitude worse than reported in the media
3. Too many partisans on the Left and Right use antisemitism and Jews as a political football to demonize their enemies but don't really care about Jews
5. The media presents a hugely distorted negative picture of Israel
6. NGOs like Amnesty and HRW knowingly distort the truth and often lie to demonize Israel
7. The Jewish national claim to Israel is much, much stronger than that of Palestinians
8. The Jewish claim to Jerusalem is far stronger than that of Muslims, and denying that claim is classically antisemitic
9. Jerusalem under Jewish rule supports the human rights of all religious groups far better than anyone in history
10. Israel is an amazing, liberal state that has been a light unto nations
11. Israel does not violate the Geneva Conventions at all. In recent years, international law (i.e., Rome Statute)  has been twisted specifically against Israel. 
12. Palestinian laws discriminate against women, gays and Jews 
13. The Jewish people have a historic, religious, moral and legal right to Israel
14. Historic newspaper articles and books show a completely different reality than the revisionist history popular today
15. Today's media is more interested in presenting a simplistic narrative than exploring the truth about Israel
16. Israel isn't perfect but its enemies are far more guilty of the crimes they accuse Israel of
17. The media and NGOs treat Palestinians like children who cannot be held responsible for their actions, which is real racism
18. The Arab honor/shame mindset is what drives the conflict, not Israeli actions
19. "Occupation" is an excuse for violence, not the cause. Arab violence to Jews pre-dates 1967, 1948 and 1917.
20. Israeli strength is the only guarantee of peace, or at least d├ętente. Perceived weakness prompts more violence.
21. Demanding perfection from Israel without holding others to the same standards is antisemitism
22. This isn't an issue of Palestinian human rights. It is an issue of competing Arab and Jewish human rights, and Israel tries to balance the two. 
23. Until recently, the Arab world would use the Palestinian issue to keep their own people in line, but in general they don't really care about the Palestinians.
24. Arab discrimination against Palestinians, often enshrined into law, is the real apartheid. 

My book deals with many of these issues.

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