Sunday, February 12, 2023

In the midst of terror wave, Israel making it EASIER for Palestinians to enter Israel. Good luck finding the media reporting this.

Here's a story you won't read anywhere else - because it does not fit the Narrative.

There is a problem with Palestinian workers in Israel. In order to find and get jobs, they often resort to (Arab) brokers who take advantage of them, take a cut of their salary and treat the workers as subcontractors which means that they do not get basic employment benefits and protections. 

Israel doesn't have to combat this. But it does.

Israel offers "job search" permits - allowing Palestinians to go to Israel to find jobs, not just to go to work. 

I had never heard of that, but Palestinian media is mentioning that Israel increased the number of visits that job seekers can take to Israel from 15 to 20 without getting s new permit.

Israel issues permits to Palestinians who are residents of the West Bank, have no security impediments, and are either married aged 22 years or over, or single, aged 27 or over.

This sounds almost foolhardy. Obviously the people with permits are checked as they cross the checkpoint, but you know terror groups are trying to take advantage of this. And while Israel would be fully within its rights to block any such job seeking by non-Israelis, it still allows them in - even as ten Israelis have already been murdered in terror attacks this year. 

This story completely contradicts everything you ever read about how Israel treats Palestinian Arabs in the media and in human rights reports. I am not sure that this has ever been published in English before, anywhere. 

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