Monday, January 02, 2023

Lebanese news site has TWO blatantly antisemitic articles today

Lebanese news site Al Shiraa published not one but two essays about how awful Jews are today.

Abdul Hadi Muheisen, "writer and researcher," writes about the many expulsions of Jews from European countries in the Middle Ages, and justifies them, claiming that the Jews were expelled due to usurious practices. He takes the "pound of flesh" story from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice as fact, saying that this was a routine practice by Jewish moneylenders.  He then says that the ethnic cleansing of Jews from western Europe was a wonderful thing for the history of the world:

Thus, it can be said that the dark ages of the Jews began with the beginnings of the Renaissance in Europe, and this fact supports the validity of the theory that some historians say, according to which the nations of Europe could not begin the era of renaissance and prosperity until after they were able to liberate themselves from the clutches of Jewish economic control.
And, of course, the Jews deserve to be punished:

The agents of the Illuminati were scattered in the neighborhoods of the ghetto, spewing poisons of hatred  and the spirit of revenge into the hearts of the Jewish masses against those who abandoned and isolated them . The rabbis, in turn, taught them that they were God's chosen people, and that the day of vengeance would undoubtedly come and they would inherit the land and those on it.

And located in general on the western borders of Russia, and most of them were from the Khazars, who were famous for their culture known as Yiddish, which is the name of their language that they speak, as they are known for their malice, extreme stinginess, low methods in financial matters, and their despicable morals.

The agents of the Illuminati inside the ghetto neighborhoods were kindling the fire of hatred and the desire for revenge, and they took to organizing the exploitation of these circumstances until it turned into a global revolutionary movement whose goal was terror and intimidation.
Sounds a lot like projection.

But this isn't even the most antisemitic article in Al Shiraa today. That one is The Crisis of the Jewish Mind, by psychiatrist and social worker Dr. Ahmed Ayyash, illustrated with this photo.

In Ayyash's expert and professional opinion:

It is true that the Jewish mind leads its believers towards mass suicide, even if that obliges them to use nuclear weapons against a billion Muslims in their final battle, according to the promise of the God of volcanoes and war “Jehovah.” This indicates and confirms that the greatness of Jewish intelligence works against itself more than it works fiercely against others. 

The intelligent Jewish mind, as much as it is a genius in science, is disturbed, sick and foolish in its metaphysical beliefs. ..The Jewish mind commands its believers to strike their heads against the Western Wall so that the Messiah  appears early. 

The massacres, contempt and imprisonment of an entire people, and the occupation of lands do not establish in the Jewish mind any guilt or remorse complex. Their God, “Yahweh,” convinced them that all their enemies are nothing but living beings created to serve the chosen people of Yahweh.

The Jewish mind is a troubled, sick, psychotic, paranoid mind that is governed by persecution, revenge, and killing as appropriate.

What a coincidence that all the peoples of the world do not tolerate the Jewish mind, nd declare hostility to the Jew and accuse him of harnessing the country's financial capabilities for mysterious plans?
It is not a coincidence, but an inability, and an intolerance, to accept a sick mind that analyzes everything in its favor, even if all peoples starve. It is a disturbed and troubled mind, psychotic, paranoid, aggressive, dangerous, that employs his intelligence against himself and takes his believers to mass suicide...
This must be the new anti-Zionism.

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