Friday, January 20, 2023

Depraved society: Palestinians celebrate "the journalist who preferred the gun to the camera"

Last week, a 21 year old Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades gunman named Ahmed Abu Junaid was killed while shooting at IDF soldiers in Balata.

The Palestinian preference for terrorism over peace can be seen from this article in Safa News celebrating his death:

Only one year separated Ahmed Abu Junaid from graduating from university and obtaining a journalism certificate to join his fellow journalists, but he preferred to carry a gun instead of a camera in order to obtain the highest degrees.

Abu Junaid, 21, was martyred hours after he was critically wounded, in an armed clash with Israeli special forces that stormed Balata camp, east of Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank, at dawn on the eleventh of January.

Ahmed's mother, who attended his funeral and showed a great deal of patience and perseverance, did not hide her pain at his separation.

She tells Safa news agency: "Praise be to God who honored me with the martyrdom of Ahmed. Praise be to God that he was martyred while resisting and defending his land. He was martyred while carrying the gun."

The accounts of his family and friends reveal an aspect of Ahmed's life, who wished for martyrdom and worked hard for it until he deservedly obtained it.

And his mother adds, "Ahmed did not want to get married. I told him I want to marry you. He told me, I do not want to get married.. I want a martyrdom."

Amer Abu Junaid, the father of the martyr Ahmed, said with tears filling his eyes: "He asked for martyrdom and obtained it. He lived his life honorable and pure and died like that."

Ahmed was on the verge of his academic achievement and was interested in developing his capabilities in the field of journalism, and his classmates saw him as a promising journalistic project, but nevertheless he saw himself as a martyr's project and his resistance work took priority over any other interests.

And he used to talk to some of his companions about his desire for martyrdom and tell them: My blood is for Palestine, and he asked them not to grieve over him, and they tried to dissuade him, but he had made up his mind and chose his irreversible path.
He wanted to be killed by Israel. He told everyone of his desire, including his own mother. And this person who worshipped death is regarded as a hero.

There are no stories, ever, that say that if Palestinians would prefer to become coders and doctors and writers instead of terrorists, they would be in much better shape. 

Their choice of heroes, and their choice of what makes someone admirable, tell you everything you need to know about Palestinian society. And it is a story that the Western media studiously keeps from its consumers.

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