Sunday, December 18, 2022

Middle East Jews in December 1947 in danger from Palestinian Arabs, Syrians, Egyptians - and British soldiers

Continuing my look at the news from 75 years ago for Jews in the Middle East, from the Palestine Post from December 14-18, 1947.

Here's a story from December 14 that was not at all unusual, of Jewish civilians being targeted and killed by Arabs.

Here is a massacre of Jews who were bringing food to a Jewish children's village from the December 15 edition. This slaughter is barely mentioned nowadays. 

A follow-up story notes that five of the dead were under 18 years old.

On December 16, we see that Arabs were happily embracing the "spirit of Hitler" in their genocidal aims:

Jews didn't only have to be concerned about attacks by Arabs. Here is a horrific story of a Jewish girl raped by British soldiers.

The only way to demand justice from a rape by British soldiers was to go to...British police.

Later in the month, an attempt to hear the case was stymied when the male witness could not be found. That is the last I could see about this story.

Meanwhile, on December 17, we see how Jews in Arab countries continued to be threatened and harassed:

There were daily stories of Jewish civilians being shot individually, so many that the stories about them were short and often lumped together (12/18):

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