Sunday, November 06, 2022

Palestinians will try to hijack COP27 climate conference

Palestinian prime minister Mohamed Shtayyeh has arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh to participate in the COP27 climate conference.

As usual with these kinds of international meetings, the Palestinian intention is to try to hijack the conference into an anti-Israel sham.

His speech will "focus on the environmental challenges imposed by the Israeli occupation," according to the official Palestinian Wafa news agency.

Moreover, it says, Shtayyeh "will hold, on the sidelines of the summit, meetings with international officials on environmental and political issues and in order to mobilize support for the Palestinian cause."

Palestinians do this all the time - with literally every international conference they attend, whether the topic is women's rights, refugees, climate change, the world's oceans, children's rights, human rights, world heritage, and even COVID-19.

With virtually all of these, Palestinians are guilty of what they accuse Israel of doing.

You just know that the people who organize these conferences are really upset over Palestinians trying to make everything about them. But they cannot say anything about it because they don't want to be on the receiving end of that same hate.

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