Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Al Jazeera praises Palestinian murderer, calling stabbing three Jews to death a "hat trick"

Al Jazeera has become considered a trustworthy news source in the West - but in Arabic, it is just as disgusting and supportive of terror as it was in the years after 9/11.

It published an article about the terrorist attack in Ariel last week where it describes his bloody spree in terms of sports, saying that Muhammed Souf "scored goals" with his stabbings and car rammings. Describing his murderous attack in poetic terms, the article says, "he decided alone, like a falcon flying in the expanses of pride, to play his match solo."

Written by Palestinian Muhammad Khair Musa, the article praises the murderer:
History will record for a long time that on Tuesday the fifteenth of November of the year 2022 AD, a young man named Muhammad Souf, at the age of eighteen, ... executed an epic triple in the face of a heavily armed army, and he had nothing but a knife in his hand and a heart in his chest that did not fear death.
Even worse, the article explicitly calls on other Palestinian youth to follow in his footsteps and attack Jews. It compares Souf with Mohammed's young companions, and urges Palestinians to use Souf as a model.

This is Al Jazeera - not the airbrushed, carefully edited Western version of Al Jazeera English, but the real, terrorist supporting media empire from Qatar.

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