Sunday, October 09, 2022

Judaism's second holiest site was Judenrein yesterday - but no one reported that

Last week, Arab media was filled with anger at news that the Jews of Hebron had taken over the Tomb of the Patriarchs and held a concert there on Sunday for the Selichot prayers.

They emphasized that Muslims were not allowed into the building, insisting that this was unacceptable.

But yesterday, no Jews were allowed into the same building. It was filled exclusively with Muslims. It was Judenrein. 

The reason? It was Mohammed's birthday, one of the ten days a year the shrine is dedicated to Muslims only. Just as there are ten days a year it is for Jews only.

Yet there are no screaming headlines about how no Jews were allowed to the site. Because the rules are clear and well-known. The holidays are published ahead of time every year.

Three of the exclusively Jewish days are coming up - this coming Wednesday and Thursday, and next Monday. Expect more angry articles in the Palestinian media, none of which will mention the fact that the holy site is exclusively Muslim exactly as often as it is exclusively Jewish.

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