Sunday, October 09, 2022

Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur, absurdly pretends that she is objective.

Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur of the "Occupied Palestinian Territories," had a telling exchange with NGO Monitor's Anne Herzberg.

Herzberg, commenting on the reported kidnapping and beheading of a gay Palestinian man, tweeted, "Horrific. Will you be reporting on this @FranceskAlbs?"

Albanese subtweeted, "Passive-aggressiveness of the insinuation aside, I am impressed with certain people's talent for cherry-picking."

Herzberg: "It’s a legitimate question and falls under your mandate. So will you be addressing this case and other LGBTQ+ violations in the PA by Palestinian authorities and armed groups?"

Albanese acted offended: "Of course, I am even surprised you are asking such a question. I intend to investigate all human rights violations, and my visit to the occupied Palestinian territory is particularly necessary to this end."

Of course the UN Special Rapporteur will investigate Palestinian human rights abuses! How dare anyone question that?

Perhaps because since she assumed that position, she has called for submissions for three reports that are meant to attack Israel and none to investigate Palestinian human rights abuses? The three reports are titled, "Deprivation of liberty in the occupied Palestinian territory," "Thematic report to the UN General Assembly on the right to self-determination [for Palestinians only]" and "Is the Israeli conduct of its occupation of the Palestinian Territory in breach of the prohibition against apartheid in international law?"

Perhaps because virtually every tweet since she started the position has been anti-Israel? She has never mentioned Palestinian terror spree earlier this year, she never mentioned the Palestinian Authority or Hamas attacks on their own media freedoms or freedom to assemble, she never mentioned the anti-woman laws on the books in the PA, and she never mentioned Palestinian rockets killing Palestinian children.

The only time she said anything negative about any Palestinians - about rocket fire -  she made sure that the tweets emphasized that everything Israel does it worse.

Here she almost agrees that Gaza rocket fire, while regrettable, is almost justified.

And here she pretty much says that Palestinians can aim to kill Israelis and Israel cannot defend itself.

Given this track record, does anyone honestly think Albanese will ever report anything negative about Palestinians outside of Gaza rocket fire?

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