Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Jews dance in Hebron, Muslim and Jewish antisemites freak out

A popular Palestinian blogger, Jihad Helles, wrote on Twitter his reaction to seeing Jews singing and dancing in the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron:

In a chilling scene, herds of settlers have now stormed the Ibrahimi Mosque, the second most important and oldest Palestinian mosque after Al-Aqsa Mosque, and expelled the worshipers from it, desecrated it and danced in it to the sounds of loud music!!
Oh God, Muslims live in humiliation, weakness and humiliation that no one knows but You. Oh God, help them and cherish them!!
For ten days a year the shrine is exclusively for Jews, and for ten days it is for Muslims. This week, during the holidays, it was for Jews - and every time that happens Arab media makes it sound like this is a brand new thing.

Arabic media breathlessly reported about how terrible it is that Jews are singing and dancing in the "second most important mosque in Palestine" - not to mention how they were performing the ever-dangerous "Talmudic rituals."

But it wasn't only Muslims who were upset at Jews dancing and singing and praying. 

Anti-Israel activist Miko Peled tweeted:

This barbaric act of desecration is part of the colonization by Israel

It is antithetical to Judaism and to the ancient traditions of tolerance that were part of Palestine before Zionism. Until 1948 Jews and Muslims worshiped side by side at this ancient holy site in Hebron  
Peled not only apes the ridiculous charge of "desecration" - as if Jewish law does not allow celebrations in synagogues! - but he adds the insane lie that Hebron Muslims were tolerant of Jews before 1948, and prayed side by side in the shrine.

Um, Muslims slaughtered Jews in Hebron in 1929. And they weren't treated wonderfully before that, either. And Muslims did not allow Jews to enter the Tomb of the Patriarchs from the 13th century until Israel captured Hebron in 1967. 

Peled is lying - and he almost certainly knows it. But, like many Jewish antisemites, he can post any lies he wants, and is guaranteed to get lots of attention from his fellow antisemites.

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