Sunday, May 29, 2022

Nothing proves Jordanian and Palestinian antisemitism like Jerusalem Day

Today is Jerusalem Day. 

Like every other Sunday through Thursday, Jews are visiting the Temple Mount, although many more today than usual.

And like every other Sunday through Thursday, both Palestinian and Jordanian media are reacting with antisemitism, although more today than usual.

Jordan's Minister of Foreign Affairs issued a statement condemning Jews visiting the site:
 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates on Sunday condemned allowing Israeli extremists and a Knesset member to storm the Al-Aqsa Mosque/Haram Al Sharif compound, warning of escalation due to permitting an Israeli march scheduled to begin today in Jeusalem.

The Ministry's spokesperson Haitham Abu Alfoul said the Israeli raids, protected by the Israeli police, are a violation of the historical and legal status quo and the international law, stressing that Al-Aqsa Mosque is purely a place of worship for Muslims and that the Jordanian-run Waqf (endowments) and al-Aqsa Affairs Administration in Jerusalem has the exclusive jurisdiction to run all the affairs of the holy site.
In short, Judaism's holiest spot must be restricted to Muslims only.

The official Palestinian Authority statement went further, saying that any Jew who stepped foot on the Temple Mount was "desecrating Al Aqsa:"
Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said that "Israel is playing with fire irresponsibly and recklessly by allowing settlers to desecrate sanctities in occupied Jerusalem and escalate the killings."

Abu Rudeineh stressed that the road to security and peace in the region passes through meeting the rights of our people, stressing that Islamic and Christian sanctities are a red line, and their desecration can never be accepted.
It is rare for news media nowadays to recall what the Old City of Jerusalem was like in the 19 anomalous years that Arabs controlled it and created the so-called "status quo" of a Judenfrei Jerusalem. 

The South China Morning Post, on July 3, 1978, journalist Barry Choi laid out the difference between how tolerant Israel is compared to how intolerant the Jordanians were:

Nothing has changed - but nowadays the news media is more likely to take the Arab side that anything Jews do in half of Jerusalem is illegal and immoral.

The antisemitism that was obvious even to a Chinese journalist in 1978 is the same we are seeing today - but the Western media take the side of the antisemites. Their coverage today says that "illegal settlement" is the lens through which to view Jerusalem - and the complete ethnic cleansing of Jews that today's Palestinians and Jordanians demand is not at all newsworthy. 

(h/t Ahron Shapiro)


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