Friday, May 27, 2022

Iranian media: Threatening Jews with violence works!

Al-Alam of Iran starts off an article in a notable way:

The occupation yields to threats and prevents Jews from performing their rituals in Al-Aqsa 

The threats made by the Palestinians not to allow the Jews to perform their rituals in Al-Aqsa Mosque have paid off.

In addition, the US embassy warned its citizens not to reach the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday, in conjunction with the flag march, according to the Hebrew channel Kan.

The channel said that the US embassy in Israel decided to prevent US government officials, diplomats and their families from visiting the Old City of Jerusalem, starting from this evening until next Monday, due to the holding of the flags march next Sunday.
The message is clear: When Palestinians threaten violence, the weak Israelis cave.

The secondary message they are trying to tell all Palestinians:  Not only is threats of violence effective, but you can win as long as you keep hammering away at the insecure, spineless Jews. 

The article ends off with another threat:
It is noteworthy that the Islamic Jihad and Hamas have threatened the "Israeli" occupation of the consequences of allowing the flags march to be carried out on Sunday.
Palestinian groups have threatened attacks for Sunday's Jerusalem Day for over a week now. It is almost like they would lose face if they don't manage to kill a Jew or shoot some rockets.

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