Friday, January 14, 2022

Yes, they really want to throw the Jews into the sea

Palestine Today has an article by Islamic Jihad official Walid al-Qatati  titled "The Philosophy of Resistance in the Thought of Islamic Jihad." 

The entire article is meant to justify terrorism until the Jews are gone.
Resistance is jihad in the way of God in its religious dimension, as the Almighty said: “Go forth, light and heavy, and strive with your wealth and your selves in the cause of God.” In the vision of Islamic Jihad, it is “the pinnacle of Islam, and God has imposed it to defend the sanctity of religion, sanctities, homelands, and human rights and dignity. Then it is upon all Muslims to ward off aggression and liberate Palestine so that Palestine returns to the possession of Muslims.” Therefore, the movement considers abandoning jihad before the liberation of Palestine or making peace with the enemy not permissible according to Islamic law, because of what it involves in relinquishing land and rights....all of Palestine is still occupied from the sea to the river.

The goal? The expel all the Jews from Muslim land. 

...The political document of Islamic Jihad affirms this right “the right of the Palestinian people and the nation to wage jihad and resistance against the usurping Zionist enemy of Palestine, by all means and methods... It is a legitimate right enshrined in all heavenly laws, and international norms and charters." The Palestinian resistance has gained its legitimacy and its right to resist and to own the weapon of the resistance from the presence of the occupier himself on the Palestinian land, and the natural, human, religious and situational right to resist the occupier and expel him from the occupied land, based on the right of self-defense and the right to self-determination. 
Terrorism must never pause for any reason:
Any postponement of the resistance under justifications such as: achieving strategic balance, achieving and accumulating strength, waiting for the Islamic caliphate, and giving an opportunity for peace... These are recipes for prolonging the life of the occupation and its state, and for delaying the project of jihad and resistance to liberate Palestine. The movement is a slogan "duty is above possible" that it practically applied to the resistance, gradual from the knife and the stone, to the bomb and the rifle, to the cannon and the missile. The accumulation of capabilities and strength comes through jihad and immediate and continuous resistance.

The role of the mujahideen and the resistance in Palestine is to revive the duty of jihad and ignite the flame of resistance against the Zionist entity and occupy it with fire until the conditions for complete victory over it are completed. Destabilizing his security and stability, to force him to leave our land, leading to the complete liberation of Palestine.

And don't think that when they say "jihad" they mean the non-violent kind.
The resistance is armed, and this is an inevitable approach and not a voluntary choice,...This can only be resolved by military force and armed resistance. The martyr thinker Fathi al-Shaqaqi emphasized this by saying: “From the beginning, the armed jihad against the Zionist enemy was the main justification for the rise of the jihad movement. " Dr. Ramadan Shalah emphasized the same meaning by saying: “The armed struggle against the Zionist enemy is the main and strategic basis in our struggle. It is not permissible to abandon it until the aggression is repelled, the entire land is liberated, and all rights are restored.”
Yes, they love death:
Resistance is martyrdom for the sake of God in defense of Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem and Palestine, and the liberation of land and people, and martyrdom work in all its forms is the highest level of legitimate self-defense against the terrorism of a Zionist enemy....As for the vision of the martyr thinker Fathi Al-Shaqaqi , martyrs are the ones who “reshape life with greater momentum and greater creativity so that martyrdom remains the objective equivalent of life. Without the martyrs, there is no life and no history for us.”
And while they are Sunni Muslim fundamentalists, who want a purely Islamic land, they are happy to partner with Shiites, Christians and Marxists to get rid of the Jews:

The resistance is a Palestinian, Arab and Islamic front.  Islamic Jihad believes in the necessity of establishing alliances with any party that wants to fight the enemy, and the movement has no objection to cooperating and coordinating with all the anti-imperialist and Zionist forces seeking to liberate Palestine, whether they are nationalist, patriotic or Marxist. In the liberation every Palestinian, whether Muslim or Christian, is in defense of the homeland and the sanctities....The Mujahid Dr. Ramadan Shallah said, “We look at everyone from the perspective of the need for someone who embraces the cause of Palestine...This role was confronted by Syria and Iran, and with them Hezbollah." 
They don't say this, but after they get rid of the Jews, then they are free to have their civil war against the Marxists, Christians and Shiites.

There is nothing new here, but it is worthwhile to remind oneself about the fundamental philosophy of terror at the heart of the "resistance" and the impossibility of any sort of real peace without the complete defeat of these terrorist groups. 

One other point to note is that the insistence on "continuous resistance" is rhetoric. In reality, Israeli strength is what maintains peace. 

 Qatati himself contradicted his "continuous resistance" doctrine in a recent interview with an Egyptian newspaper after the two rockets were shot towards Israel "accidentally." 
- We do not know exactly who fired the rockets, but the investigation authorities in the interior of Gaza are working to uncover the circumstances, and we do not want to go to any confrontation with the occupation, and every person within a faction must be subject to the calculations of the resistance and the national interest and we are working on that, and we issued a statement about that because being drawn into an equation of reaction that may lead to an all-out war.
Which is just more proof that despite the "philosophy" of continuous aggression, the only chance for calm is a strong Israel that does not compromise on the security of her citizens. When Israel gives concessions, it emboldens the terrorists; when Israel shows zero tolerance for aggression, the proud jihadists know that they need to stop their attacks - and stop others from attacking as well.