Saturday, January 15, 2022

CAIR is an antisemitic organization that has condoned calling synagogues "enemies" and supported antisemitic terrorists. They are culpable for #ColleyvilleTX.

In November,  Zahra Billoo, executive-director of the San Francisco Bay Area branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SFBA), gave a public speech at an American Muslims for Palestine conference where she said that every Jewish organization in America that is not overtly anti-Zionist is "the enemy." This includes any Jewish organization that supports peace with Palestinians. 

When CAIR had a chance to condemn this blatantly antisemitic speech and to banish Billoo as a hater, they instead chose to support her and to claim that since she mentioned that Jews who actively fight against Israel like IfNotNow are not enemies, then there was nothing antisemitic about her saying that every single synagogue in America is an enemy of Muslims.

How does one treat an enemy? By attacking it!

CAIR supports antisemitism.

Aafia Siddiqui, the Pakistani terrorist who shot at FBI and Army personnel with an M4 carbine, and who the man who held Jews hostage in a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas calls his "sister," is an unrepentant antisemite. She refused to be defended by Jewish lawyers.  
She said the case against her was a Jewish conspiracy, and demanded that no Jews be allowed on the jury, and that all prospective jurors be DNA-tested and excluded from the jury at her trial "if they have a Zionist or Israeli background." 
While at Federal Medical Center, Carswell, she wrote a letter to the warden to give to President Obama, asserting, "Study the history of the Jews. They have always back-stabbed everyone who has taken pity on them and made the 'fatal' error of giving them shelter.... and it is this cruel, ungrateful back-stabbing of the Jews that has caused them to be mercilessly expelled from wherever they gain strength. This why 'holocausts' keep happening to them repeatedly! If they would only learn to be grateful and change their behavior!! ..."
CAIR supports Aafia Siddiqui.

CAIR supports antisemitism. 

Only last week, CAIR released a report on "Islamophobia" and falsely claimed that mainstream Jewish federations and Jewish-controlled foundations are "funding Islamophobia" because they give money to organizations that defend Israel or expose Muslim bigotry. Essentially they declared all Jews who support Israel's existence as "Islamophobic."

CAIR supports antisemitism. 

Why has the current terrorist attacked a synagogue when Jews and Israel had nothing to do with Siddiqui's arrest?

Because of organizations like CAIR and the endemic antisemitism in the Muslim world, Jews are the enemy. It makes perfect sense that a synagogue should be a target, because Jews symbolize everything they hate.

CAIR now pretends to condemn this attack in Texas. But they time that they should have condemned antisemitism was when Zahra Billoo said that synagogues are the enemy. The time that they should have condemned antisemitism was when Aafia Siddiqui told her judge that she would not accept Jews as lawyers or jurors. 

CAIR is engaging in public relations. Its own actions and choices for who it defends shows that it supports antisemitism and it supports any Muslim who attacks Jews. 

CAIR is not considered fringe by the mainstream Muslim community - they are mainstream. The media is now scrambling to interview "good Muslims" who condemn this attack,  but because the earlier Muslim antisemitism from AMP and CAIR does not get media coverage, they don't known enough to ask the basic question: do you consider Zionist synagogues the enemy like CAIR does?

There are others who are culpable as well. The media, by downplaying Muslim antisemitism and by parroting the far-Left lie that the far-Right is the only type of antisemitism is worth highlighting. Even today, most media isn't mentioning the obvious fact that an attack on a synagogue is antisemitic - that word is mysteriously missing from coverage. From the media, one wouldn't know that there have been many attempts by Muslims at attacking synagogues since 9/11. 

Synagogues must have iron gates and armed guards because of Muslim, Black and far Right antisemitism. 

According to the far Left, and CAIR, the media that follows them, antisemitism is only a far Right problem. 

CAIR is part of the problem. And until the media recognizes that this group that is respected by so many is in fact a hate group and treats it as such, we will be having more Colleyvilles.