Sunday, December 05, 2021

Two more examples of Jew-hatred that pretends to be "anti-Zionism"

Here is video of the attack by a Palestinian Arab against a Jew in Jerusalem on Shabbat.

Notice that the attacker passes by several people - and probably passed by many others earlier - and only decided to attack the visibly religious Jew.

If he is anti-Zionist, then why not attack any Israeli? Why choose the one with a hat and beard?

Because this was never about "Palestine." Palestinians are taught to hate Jews, and religious Jews are their preferred targets. 

Here's another video, proudly uploaded to TikTok:

These girls pretend to take a Chanukah menorah hostage so the "yahood" give Palestine "back." 

Sure, they just hate Zionists. And I'm the Grand Mufti of New York.