Sunday, December 12, 2021

Texas man's threats to kill Chabad rabbis are still up on YouTube

From the Jerusalem Post:

A man in Amarillo, Texas, is facing up to five years in federal prison, accused of directing death threats at three rabbis, according to a statement published on Friday by the office of the US Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, Chad E. Meacham.

37-year-old Christopher Stephen Brown is charged with interstate threatening communications after he allegedly repeatedly contacted Chabad, calling for the death of all Jews, threatening to murder members of the Beit Din (Jewish court) and sending a link to his YouTube channel, on which he said Chabad's chairman, vice chairman and the son of another member of the organization must die.

He later called again, threatening to "tear out" rabbis' eyes and tongues and kill as many as he could, then again the following day saying he would blow their heads off, according to the statement.

When police went to Brown's residence to apprehend him, he resisted arrest, and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Rebekah Jones engaged physically with the law enforcement officers, aiming a gun at an FBI agent who then successfully disarmed her.
Brown's YouTube channel is still up, calling himself “The Maleficent Mystifying Oracle Dr. Obadiah.” 

As of this writing, one can still watch his crazed screeds accusing Chabad of raping hundreds of thousands of children and of the Church wanting to assassinate him. His explicit death threats are also still there. He is enamored with The Joker villain.

Although he speaks as if he is religious, he also says he is defending LGBTQ people from Chabad.

One of his comments to his own video says, "I will - with my Lord's might - wipe humans off the earth as a slave wipes a mirror. I will create a new lifeform. So it is done."

Two of his videos have over 20,000 views!

In the end, is Brown any different than Zahra Billoo, another religious person who considers organized Jewry to be the enemy of all Muslims and all decent people? They are both crazed antisemites who threaten Jews. But one of them is a respected leader in a Muslim organization and her threats are more subtle, so she gets defended.