Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Palestinian media trying to get people to lynch man who sold his house to Jews

As I have previously reported, Arabs sold two properties to Jews in the past few weeks. 

Now one of the sellers is in danger.

Palestinian Media Watch reports:

The PA has publicly exposed, shamed, and literally endangered the life of an Arab who sold land to Jews in Jerusalem. According to the PA, Palestinians who sell land to Jews are considered “traitors” and criminals. In fact, the PA has forbidden selling land to Jews by law. Anyone who tries to sell land to Jews will be sentenced to 5 years of hard labor, and someone who actually sells land to Jews will be sentenced to life in prison with hard labor, as documented by Palestinian Media Watch.

Moreover, the religious establishment of the PA has declared it “a sin” against Islam to relinquish any part of “Palestine” to Israelis - the “enemies.” “Palestine” is said to include all of the State of Israel - “a pure right of its Muslim owners,” as one Shari’ah judge has put it.

Accordingly, an Arab named Walid Ahmed Atout has now been publicly exposed by Abbas’ Fatah Movement for having sold his property in the Silwan neighborhood in East Jerusalem to Jews as well as having “sold his morals.” Reporting on this, Fatah’s TV station Awdah even broadcast footage of Atout “fleeing” and a photo of him “because these images and this information are important for our people so that they will see this traitor.”

There have been media reports about torture and extrajudicial killings of land sellers such as this in English and a more extensive report here in Hebrew.

In the broadcast, the TV host called Atout “a traitor and land transferrer” and “betrayer of the homeland.” Needless to say, after this kind of designation by the PA/Fatah, Atout’s life may very well be in danger:

It isn't only Fatah. Atout's picture and condemnation of him is all over Palestinian media. 

Here's video of his family leaving their home. 

Here's video of a walkthrough of his house showing that the family left their possessions there to make it look like they will return.

And his photo is all over the place.

The point is clear: if you find Atout, take justice into your own hands.

Needless to say, no one ever says that the prohibition of selling land to Jews is pure antisemitism.