Sunday, May 30, 2021

UN admits that more than half of those killed in Gaza were terrorists

The UN OCHA-OPT summarized the casualties from the Gaza operation:

According to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), up to 27 May, 256 Palestinians, including 66 children and 40 women were killed, of whom 128 were believed to be civilians. Around 245, including 63 children, were seemingly killed by Israeli Defense Forces.
While these numbers are still quite suspect, it reveals two things that the UN does not want to say explicitly.

One is that they admit that at least 11 Gazans were killed by Hamas rockets. There is practically no one in Gaza actually investigating the sources of each incident; as we've seen, hundreds of Hamas and other terror group rockets landed in Gaza but since the first couple of days no one wants to admit that any of them caused damage. Evidence shows that there was indeed plenty of damage from terrorist group rockets falling short. 

The other is that out of the 245 "seemingly" killed by Israeli airstrikes, 117 (128-11) are believed to be civilians, meaning that  at least 128 were terrorists. (This is a higher number than the totals admitted by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah.)

This means that the UN, hardly an objective source when it comes to Israel, is admitting that Israeli airstrikes were startlingly effective, given that the terror targets were often surrounded by their families. 

The UN won't say that, of course. 

As time goes on, more of the people killed will be revealed to be terrorists, and perhaps more will be proven to have been killed by rockets. This happens every time.