Wednesday, May 05, 2021

"The Arab countries for the Arabs"

During World War II, a tiny organization called the “League of American-Arab Committees for Democracy” started a letter writing campaign to members of Congress to demand that they don't back a Jewish state.

The letter deplored the persecution of Jews in Europe, bu the idea of them moving to safety in the Land of Israel was apparently worse to their moral sensitivities.  “[We] can never countenance such a miscarriage of justice as the rape of Palestine by a group of people claiming that their ancestors once occupied the country some thousands of years ago,” it said. 

The letter added, "It is decidedly contrary to the best interest of the United States to deliberately antagonize some sixty million Arabs and two hundred and fifty million Moslems by permitting political Zionism to consummate its audacious ambition in Palestine.” 

In a bizarre revision of history, the letter concluded by saying the Palestinian Arabs have “contributed far more than their share towards the rehabilitation of Jewish refugees from Europe, since they have already accepted more than half a million of them in a country about the size of Vermont.”

No, they opposed every single Jew fleeing persecution and pressured England to sentence millions to death.

The League had a motto:  “The Arab countries for the Arabs.” I wonder if their political descendants would have a problem with "The Jewish State for the Jews."