Sunday, May 23, 2021

Human Rights Watch @HRW leader says antisemitism is bad - because some anti-Israel Jews might be attacked accidentally

Just when you think Ken Roth of Human Rights Watch can't be any more against human rights, he proves you wrong.

He tweeted, "Antisemitic incidents have surged (e.g., fivefold in London) in light of the Israeli government's recent conduct. It is WRONG to equate the Jewish people with the apartheid and deadly bombardment of Prime Minister Netanyahu's government. "

That's Ken Roth's reason why attacking Jews is wrong? 

He seems to be saying that antisemitism is wrong - because some Jews don't support Israel defending itself.

But, Roth implies, if the Jews you are attacking are supporters of Israel, then he cannot think of any objection to attacking them!

The Skokie synagogue that was vandalized has a big sign in front of it with Israeli and American flags. Ken Roth seems to be saying that this attack is therefore justified. He certainly did not say a word that would condemn that attack.

In 2014, Roth implied that antisemitic attacks were done because of Israel, and Jeffrey Goldberg slammed him for it. This is possibly worse, because now he's saying that antisemitic attacks are OK depending on the victim's beliefs.

Similarly disgusting is Linda Sarsour's reasoning to oppose antisemitic attacks - not because they are wrong, but because they make Palestinians look bad.