Sunday, May 23, 2021

Four US synagogues were vandalized in the past week

Last Sunday, a Chabad shul in Salt Lake City was defaced with a swastika etched into the front door.

Also on Sunday, a synagogue in Skokie, IL, saw its window smashed by a man wearing a Palestinian flag and who placed a Palestinian sign on the door.

In Tuscon, a synagogue door window was smashed overnight Tuesday.

In Brooklyn, police arrested Ali Alaheri for starting fires outside a synagogue and a yeshiva, as well as attacking a Chasidic Jew. 

The attackers are not white supremacists. These are all done by anti-Israel protesters.

Just as three attacks on synagogues and Jewish memorials in Germany were done by "Arab looking men" burning Israeli flags.  Or the vandal of a congregation in England that we've mentioned before. 

People who deny antisemitism from the Left are condoning this.