Tuesday, October 20, 2020

PressTV "expert" is an unemployed former bartender

The Tehran Times (and other Iranian government sites) has been interviewing and publishing the work of someone named Walt Peretto, described in the latest interview as a "sociopolitical psychologist."

He says:
Donald Trump is seen by his followers as opposing this globalist and authoritarian agenda with emphasis on American autonomy and greatness. But in fact, Trump is completely controlled by these same Zionist/globalist interests and he merely plays the role of controlled opposition. In the meantime, it’s likely that the elites intend to keep giving the ‘left’ more room to commit violence in order to advance their agenda and provoke right-leaning and independent citizens into counteracting, which would increase the rate of violence and destruction. If this occurs, either the Trump or Biden administration may bring in Federal or international troops to line the streets. With omnipresent soldiers on the streets, this can open up many possibilities for the international financial elites and their pathological/technological/globalist/one-world government agenda. 
Who is this guy?

He's a nobody whose only claim to fame is to write crazed conspiracy theories  - and therefore is very happy that Iran is plucking him out of his well deserved obscurity.

The only job I can see that Peretto actually had was as a bartender in Florida in 2003, where he witnessed a murder. His LinkedIn says that he has been a freelance writer for ten years. (It also claims a masters degree from Rutgers that seems highly unlikely since he only has a two year associates degree at a state college in the 1980s - which he attended for 4 years, according to his Facebook.)

What, exactly, is a "sociopolitical psychologist?" You'll have to ask Peretto, since he literally made up the term:
Currently writing articles, making appearances on Press TV's website and related TV shows, giving interviews, conducting research in the field of psychology, founder of sociopolitical psychology, writing a book that will formally introduce 'sociopolitical psychology.' 
Sociopolitical Systems Psychology (SSP) is a nascent academic field and applied science engaged in the comprehensive psychological study of human social systems and their interactions. Using the small band hunter/gatherer/pastoralist paradigm as a starting point; it is posited that all humans alive today is descended from people who developed an innate social psyche over many millennia in this general societal paradigm; theorized to be humankind’s natural environment. Sociopolitical psychologists compare and contrast the social psychologies of these natural indigenous societies, with the social/political psychology of people within, or significantly influenced by; the city/state, nation/state, and empire, paradigm; called ‘modern political societies’ (MPS). Sociopolitical systems psychology proves that most modern political societies are significantly influenced by organized groups of pathological individuals who are psychologically void of empathy and normative human morals. These groups, operating through various methodologies, attempt to maximize power and control over as many facets of society as possible. These methodologies include; control of the issuance and regulation of moneyed currencies, political systems, intelligence apparatuses, military power and police authority, official news, information, and propaganda, education and academia, state-of-the-art technologies, occult (hidden) psychology and psychiatry, and other forms of social-engineering, chemical delivery systems, and the use of the Hegelian Dialectic. Sociopolitical systems psychology concentrates on the congenital personality disorder of clinical (primary) psychopathy, and places it into context as the core pathology that is the most influential to the human condition. When organized into positions of power and inordinate influence, the term ‘organized psychopathy’ is used to describe such pathological people collectively. The term empaths, or collectively, empathic humanity, is used to describe the vast majority of humans who are characterized by their ability to feel the emotions of empathy, guilt, and remorse; emotions considered essential for a normal/non-toxic society. Sociopolitical systems psychology studies all personality disorders and mental characteristics that can be placed in a systemic societal context. This includes pathologies and mental characteristics that result from social conditions orchestrated at least to some degree by organized psychopathy. The goals of sociopolitical systems psychology include the study of social systems from a perspective that has been traditionally neglected by the established behavioral sciences; with the hope that this new understanding can be applied to help humanity achieve more rational, and empathic-based, social systems.

In other words, the Man is responsible for Peretto's failure as a human being. 

Not surprisingly, Peretto is a member of a "Sandy Hook Hoax" group and a 9/11 "truther" who blames both Israel and the US for the attacks, as his Facebook page shows.

And he once ran for US Senate as a "write in candidate:"

This is the type of nutcase Iranian media likes to use to publish antisemitic and anti-American conspiracy theories under the fiction that they are merely quoting American "experts."

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