Thursday, August 27, 2020

Did you hear about Palestinian Authority torturing a minor? Neither did anyone else.



PCHR, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights,  reports an incident of the Palestinian Authority torturing a 17-year old:

A Palestinian force of the Preventive Security Service (PSS) arrested a 17-year-old boy, from Ethna village in Hebron, without showing a warrant from the Public Prosecution, assaulted him physically, and shackled him subjecting him to degrading treatment. According to his statement:

“An officer grabbed me from my shirt and took me into the head office and ordered me to carry a heavy metal chair on my head while lifting one of my legs off the ground. When I refused to do so, the officer slapped me in the face and kicked me with his leg. I did what the officer ordered me for 5 minutes. After that, an officer grabbed me from my shirt again and hit me on my head repeatedly until we reached the investigation room. Officers ordered me to strip naked and face the wall and lift one hand and one foot up. I was kicked every time I tried to put my leg down. An inspector drew a fan on the wall and ordered me to turn it on while another inspector drew a ladder and ordered me to climb it. After that, another offer came and ordered me to crawl on the ground naked and officers proceeded to step on my body and head with their shoes on. I learnt later that I was arrested to pressure my father to turn himself in, as I was released after he was arrested.”

PCHR is not always the most reliable reporter of human rights abuses. One thing is clear, though: accusations of torture by Israel receive screaming world headlines, while accusations of torture by the Palestinian Authority or Hamas get muted.

This story is from Monday yet it has been completely ignored in English.

It was published in two obscure Palestinian news sites in Arabic but no site that has an actual audience.

Of course,  neither Human Rights Watch nor Amnesty tweeted about this.

Arabs abusing other Arabs, including children, are simply accepted and condoned by the “progressive” crowd, because admitting that Arabs act worse than Israel does muddies their antisemitic message of “Jews bad, Arabs good.”