Sunday, May 03, 2020

Tens of thousands of Palestinians return to work in Israel today. Somehow this will be spun as racism.

Arab media are reporting that between 30-40,000 Palestinians are returning to work in Israel today after over a month of closure due to the coronavirus.

Since Israel has much higher rates of infection than the territories, the risk is more for the Palestinians than for the Israelis.

According to Palestinian union sources, Israel agreed to provide sterilization equipment, masks and other protective gear to the returning workers, as well as decent overnight accommodations.

There are usually over 100,000 Palestinian workers in Israel every day, and Israel is gradually allowing them in. According to B'Tslelem, those over 50 are not yet allowed - an obvious move to minimize risk of infection and death, that B'Tselem frames as somehow racist.

Probably because of that policy, this morning Ahed Ratib Judeh, 52, sneaked into Israel through a hole in the fence to reach his job.

Before he arrived at his job site he suffered a massive heart attack and died.

Which means that tomorrow, B'Tselem will blame Israel for his death as well.

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