Wednesday, December 04, 2019

California, Wisconsin lawmakers visit a Palestinian antisemite in Ramallah

Ma'an reports that Fatah spokesman Osama al-Qawasmi received a delegation of thirty members of lawmakers from California today, telling them how awful Israel is.

Last month Qawasmi hosted a similar delegation of lawmakers from Wisconsin, both Democrats and Republicans.

A quick look at Qawasmi's statements over the years reveals him to be an unrepentant antisemite.

2018: "Israel wants to divide the Arab states and it does not exempt anyone. It rules over the American decision-making and over the American Congress. It is the one that is pushing and planning the need to invade all of the Arab and Islamic states for the American administration."

"There is no regime in history - believe me, not Hitler, not the Nazis, not fascism - that has implemented what Israel is implementing against the Palestinians. "

2017: "The second protocol of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion says: Extremist [Islamic] religious streams must be created, as a complete contrast to the ruling regime [in Arab countries], regardless of which regime it is - be it national, Arab, secular, communist, or Marxist - so that the priorities of these regimes will change in a manner that fits the Zionists.

He also quoted the antisemitic "Protocols" in 2015 as if they are real.

This is pure antisemitism by any definition. Yet US state delegations apparently don't even bother to research who they will be speaking to.

Amazingly, the Wisconsin lawmakers visit to Israel was organized by the Milwaukee Jewish Federation. It is unclear whether it also organized the visit to Qawasmi.

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