Sunday, October 13, 2019

Tunisian front-runner says Israel is an enemy state

Tunisian run-off presidential candidate Kais Saied, spoke during a television debate on the issue of normalization with Israel.

Saied said, "Normalization is a high betrayal, and anyone who deals with an entity consumes a whole people must be prosecuted."

He said that the word normalization is not accurate, and "we are at war with a usurper entity."

Asked about permits to visit synagogues in Tunisia, Saied said he would refuse entry to those holding an Israeli passport, and said: "We accept Jews, not Israelis."

Saied and his runoff opponent Nabil Karoui were the top two vote getters with about 18% and 15% of the votes in the elections three weeks ago, and now go head to head for the final voting.

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