Thursday, October 31, 2019

PA: If the world keeps ignoring our cause, there will be "international chaos"

The playbook of Palestinian officials for many years was to threaten the world, saying that if Palestinians don't get their political demands met by other nations pressuring Israel, then there would be massive waves of terrorism and instability.

The effectiveness of these regular threats have gone way down. But they can't get rid of old habits.

The latest naked threat to world security comes from the Palestinian Authority foreign ministry. It issued a statement that "the international community's silence on the Israeli occupation and its settlers against our people, land and sanctities directly threatens international peace and security and opens the door to regional and international chaos that are difficult to control or anticipate its repercussions."

You want to ignore us? Then we'll instigate some violence, directly or indirectly. You won't ignore us then!

ISIS used to be the unsaid party that would somehow increase its terror attacks on behalf of Palestinians. PA negotiator Saeb Erekat threatened that Arab people would attack all their US embassies and it would instigate "chaos, lawlessness and extremism"  if the US moves its embassy to Jerusalem.

Arab countries have lost interest, and the international community has other priorities. Yet the Palestinians stick to the same tired playbook.

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