Wednesday, May 29, 2019

HRW's eulogy for Bob Bernstein mentions, and dismisses, his criticism of their anti-Israel bias

To their credit, Human Rights Watch finally wrote their own eulogy for their founder, Robert L. Bernstein - and they mentioned that he criticized HRW for its bias against Israel. But they immediately dismissed it:

In 2009, Bernstein publicly criticized Human Rights Watch’s reporting on human rights in Israel. Human Rights Watch and its board responded that the organization’s work on the region was tough and accurate, holding Israel to the same principles and standards applied to all governments around the world.
Here is a short list I compiled of Human Rights Watch's incontrovertible bias against Israel a few years back:

Multiple, huge reports are written about events with death tolls that are a fraction of those in other areas of the world. Here I compare HRW's attention given to every country compared to their Freedom House scores - there is no correlation. 

Here are only some examples I've written about over the years:

  • HRW does not support equal rights for Palestinians in Lebanon who want to become citizens. 

  • Ken Roth insulted Israel when it announced plans to save the lives of Syrian Alawites, even as no other country in the world was doing anything for Syrians.

  • Ken Roth wrote an article castigating Israel that had quite a few lies. he tried to weasel out of some but never admitted his errors. 

  • HRW never answers whether they believe Jews have the right to pray on their holiest spot.

  • HRW once had its employees write pro-HRW comments on numerous websites pretending that they were ordinary people - engaging in "sock-puppetry" - in defense of their employee with the Nazi memorabilia obsession. 

  •  A HRW researcher falsely claimed Palestinian Arabs in the territories live in "shanties" while Jews live in "spacious villas." 

This is beyond looking at their reports and press releases on Israel and the numerous patterns of bias, ignoring any facts that contradict their pre-conceived anti-Israel bias, as well as proof of their ignorance of military methods, every time.
Ken Roth likes to speak about Israel's "impunity" but HRW is not transparent about their methods of information gathering and reporting, about how they hire their Middle East "experts,"or really about their methods altogether - even as they demand the same from everyone else. It is HRW that acts with impunity against Israel.

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