Sunday, March 10, 2019

A challenge for the "woke" crowd: Antisemitic or "just" anti-Zionist?

Capital Research Center reproduced some Instagram posts by "free.palestine.1948," an account that Rashida Tlaib followed until the story broke.

The interesting thing about the offensive images is that they generally were about "Israel" and not officially about Jews.

So I would like to ask J-Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, Rashida Tlaib, Omar llhan and her apologists: Which of these images, if any, are antsemitic and which are merely "legitimate criticism of Israel?"

If anyone on the Democratic side that supported the watered down condemnation of all bad things could honestly answer, it would be very illuminating.

And if their answer depends on whether the images were shown on a "pro-Palestinian" or a white supremacist site, that speaks volumes as well.

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