Thursday, September 28, 2017

Daoud Kuttab @daoudkuttab, award winning Palestinian journalist and academic, proves his ignorance

On Twitter, Palestinian American journalist Daoud Kuttab accused UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nicolay Mladenov of not knowing international law when he implied that the Har Adar attack was terrorism:

Kuttab, a former professor at Princeton who has won journalism awards, is wrong.

Two of the victims of the Ha Adar attack were two security guards - civilians under international law. The injured person was a civilian. The other victim was a member of Israel's Border Police, which reports to the Israeli Police and not the IDF. Normally police are considered civilian although an argument could be made that the Border Police could be considered combatants under international law given some of their operations.

But clearly three of the four people shot were civilians and this was a terror attack.

Kuttab, of course, was informed of this - and refused to issue a correction. Because, to this pseudo-journalist and academic fraud, propaganda is the entire purpose of his "journalism."

(h/t Soccer Dad)

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