Monday, August 22, 2016

The Gaza target that Israel didn't hit

People are up in arms over Israel's largely symbolic airstrikes in northern Gaza yesterday - a reported 50 strikes that resulted in one minor injury.

Amnesty, for example, tweeted:

Most of the bombs, however, hit completely empty areas. Big bombs, targeting - desert.

It was symbolic. The entire point was to give a message that Israel holds Hamas responsible for rocket fire. It wasn't meant as an escalation - it was meant to preserve the status quo.

Hamas got the message loud and clear.

And the proof comes from one major target that would have been very easy for Israel to hit.

In southern Gaza Sunday evening, at the same time that Israel was bombing sand, Hamas held a major military parade celebrating the deaths of several major leaders killed two years ago during Protective Edge.

If Israel wanted to inflict damage, this would have been the place to do it:

Also, notice the UN vehicle passing by the Hamas parade.

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