Friday, June 17, 2016

Remember: Anything nice Israelis do with Arabs is to distract the world from their crimes

Haters of Israel know that every time any Israeli does anything nice, or liberal, it is because he or she is trying to cover up for horrendous Israeli right-wing crimes. In fact, the nice things  done are proof positive of this massive coverup engaged in by millions of people.

Glenn Greenwald knows this for a certainty. What more proof do you need?

From Yenta Press in the comments:
These two young Israeli musician were in a pharmacy when they overheard an old blind Arab man telling the pharmacist he does not have enough money to buy his medicines.

Since they did not have enough, they took him outside to the street, opened their guitar cover on the floor , and started playing their guitars hoping to collect money for the blind man.

It did not take long. Once they had enough, one of them went inside to buy the medicines and the other kept singing to the blind man.

How depraved these Israeli Jews are to keep finding nice things to do to Arabs so that the world is distracted from how much they despise the Arabs.

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