Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Links Part 2

From Ian:

Frum Law Prof’s Charming Legal Case for Israel
Kontorovich says, "international opinion is squarely against Israel, and if international law were a popularity contest, Israel would be voted off the island. But the whole point of international law is to buffer international politics, rather than serve them."
That’s why, Kontorovich explains, “when one looks at the actual international rules in question, it is hard to see how they apply. Moreover, when one sees how they are applied to identical cases, it becomes clear that the rules applied to Israel are not applied anywhere else. And this means they are not rules.”
When pressed to explain what exactly are the kinds of flawed legal charges aimed at Israel, he cites the usual ones of “illegal occupation,” and “illegal settlements.” But, he says, “when people see the text of the provisions Israel is supposed to have violated, they are shocked.”

Netanyahu Stresses Dangers of Iran and Syria
Netanyahu warns of the dangers from Iran and Syria, in a speech to the Jewish Agency Board of Governors.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned of the dangers posed by a nuclear Iran and by Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, in a speech to the Jewish Agency Board of Governors on Monday.
In his speech Netanyahu referred several times to remarks made by Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky in a speech he gave before Netanyahu.
“So in addition to a piece of paper, we need actual security on the ground. This means that when we speak about our Palestinian neighbors, we must have a credibly, thoroughly demilitarized Palestinian state. We have to have that. Otherwise, we'll have a replication of what happened in Lebanon and in Gaza. And this is not a simple task. It requires very, very stringent conditions, and it requires very tough negotiations.

Bolder Acts of Agression as Arabs Ambush Jewish Drivers
A Pnei Kedem resident tells his harrowing ordeal of being ambushed by Arabs who ran towards his car with massive stones, smashing windows
Recent acts of aggression by Arabs towards Jews in various communities in Judea and Samaria have caused alarm among many residents, fearful that acts of violence such as stone throwing are making way for bolder moves intended on inflicting even more damage.
Incidences of violence such as stones being thrown and molotov cocktails being hurled at Jewish residents are reported daily, yet one resident of Pnei Kedem told Arutz Sheva that he experienced - and has heard numerous stories of - Arabs who no longer hide behind trees and throw stones but run out towards cars with clubs and bats in their hands, smashing windows and causing severe damage and injuries.

‘Unending Arab Harassment in Vineyards’ of Shilo Bloc
Jewish farmers in the Shilo bloc face “unending harassment” by local Arabs who uprooted 3,000 grapevines in the vineyard of Meshek Achya.
Jewish farmers in the Shilo bloc are facing a campaign of “unending harassment” by local Arabs who uprooted 3,000 grapevines Sunday night in a field belonging to Meshek Achya.
The vandals destroyed eight dunam (two acres) of vines in the vineyards, officials said, although the true extent of the damage did not become evident until the destruction was spotted on Monday morning.

PM Netanyahu Thanks Pope Ahead of Retirement
PM Netanyahu sent a letter to outgoing Pope Benedict XVI thanking him for his work on behalf of strengthening interfaith ties.
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday sent a letter to outgoing Pope Benedict XVI thanking him for his work on behalf of strengthening interfaith ties, the premier's office said in a statement.
"In the name of the people of Israel, I would like to thank you for everything you did as pope for the strengthening of ties between Christians and Jews and between the Holy See and the Jewish state," he wrote, saying he wished the pontiff "long life, health and happiness."

Peres to give Obama Medal of Distinction
President will honor his American counterpart for standing with Israel ‘in times of crisis’
It is doubtful US President Barack Obama will rack up many tangible policy achievements during his upcoming Middle East trip. But if worse comes to worst, he won’t go home entirely empty-handed: President Shimon Peres on Monday announced that he will present his American counterpart with the Presidential Medal of Distinction during his March stay in Israel.
“It will be the first time in history that a serving president of the United States of America will receive an award of this kind from the president of the State of Israel,” the President’s Residence announced in a press release Monday afternoon — which makes sense, given the fact that the award was only created last year.

Playing ‘Hatikvah’ on a ‘Desert Island’
After 71 years, British writer Julie Burchill becomes the first guest to select Israel’s national anthem on high-profile BBC radio show
Last week, Burchill was featured on Britain’s longest-running radio show, Desert Island Discs. Guests on the program are asked to imagine that they are castaways, and then select eight musical tracks that they would take with them for entertainment, plus a luxury item. Burchill, a passionate philo-Semite who is writing a book about her love of Israel and the Jews, included the theme song from the “Exodus” movie, a pop song about the Hebrew language by Ehud Banai, and the Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah.

Congress, Jewish Leaders Gear Up for Iron Dome Tribute
Members of Congress to unite, along with leaders of the Jewish community, to pay tribute to the success of Iron Dome.
Democratic and Republican members of Congress are set to unite on February 27, along with prominent leaders of the Jewish community and Ambassador Michael Oren, to pay tribute to the success of the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system, at a special event set to take place at the United States Senate.
The Iron Dome Tribute event, coordinated by The Friedlander Group, under the leadership of its CEO, Ezra Friedlander, is a unique opportunity for Jewish leaders to gather with members of Congress and celebrate a shared triumph, as the Iron Dome is one of the most tangible manifestations of the strong U.S.-Israel alliance.
"I believe that holding the event in Congress is a true expression of gratitude on behalf of the American Jewish community and those who value human life,” said Robert Rechnitz, Chairman of the Iron Dome Tribute.

Jordan, Israel, Negotiate Over Natural Gas Deal
Jordan and Israel are negotiating a gas deal, according to officials from the Jordanian government sources. Both countries have in the past faced numerous difficulties with unreliable supplies from Egypt.
Jordan’s Arab Potash Company (APC), one of the world’s largest potash producers, “is in contact with its Israeli counterpart through the American oil and gas firm Noble Energy to examine the possibility of importing gas,” Jordan’s Minister of Energy said in a statement, AFP reported Monday.
“The gas available in the Dead Sea area is a clean and inexpensive source of fuel and the company seeks to use it for its factories on the Dead Sea. But no agreement has been reached so far,” the minister said.

Israeli cookbook a star in Apple’s new ad campaign
Look and Cook, an app featuring recipes by Israeli chef Meir Adoni, is one reason you should buy an iPad, says Apple
It’s an achievement that belongs to an Israeli app, called Look and Cook, which features the recipes of Israeli gourmet chef Meir Adoni. Screenshots from the app have been plastered on billboards on highways, airports, malls, and city centers all across the US, along with the title “Mind Watering,” a phrase that evokes the term “mouth watering” as something the taste buds anticipate and desire.

Intel Doubles Israel Exports, Hopes to Manufacture Next Generation of Chips in the Country
Intel announced Sunday at an annual press conference that its exports from Israel rose to $4.6 billion last year. The total amount invested in the country in the last decade is $10.5 billion.
Intel Israel president Mooly Eden said the company accounted for 20 percent of Israel’s high-tech exports last year and 10 percent of its industrial exports, excluding diamonds. Intel Israel was responsible for a third of Israel’s exports to China. “Were it not for Intel’s improved performance last year, Israel’s high-tech exports would have fallen by 10 percent,” he said at the company’s annual press conference.