Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crazy busy in Israel

Not having time to blog is driving me nuts, but I have been simply too busy.

Today I visited the Negev to see first-hand the situation with the Bedouin and the land issue there. It is a very complicated story but I hope to make a video about that as soon as I can.

I have other videos to make beforehand, though. I met with CAMERA and interviewed one of their heads. I was also was interviewed by a new Israeli online magazine, Mida (I also interviewed them.)

I also visited Save a Child's Heart, an Israeli organization that helps children with heart problems worldwide. They get any patients from Africa and Arab countries, and work with whoever they can to improve local treatments. I videoed that visit as well.

Tonight (probably by the time this is posted) I am speaking to a group of Israelis about the blog and my thoughts on how Israel can win the information war. I hope to be able to record myself and put that presentation online.

I modestly think my skills as a journalist have been proven to be better than those of most paid print journalists. I hope to be able to show the same for video journalism. But since I don't have a team of editors, writers, or videographers, my final product will take little longer to get published. I hope you will find it worth it, because in the end I am doing this all for you!