Thursday, September 20, 2012

Muslim "experts" weigh in: Why is Holocaust denial criminalized but not defamation of Islam?

One of the major arguments that Muslims have been using to defend their desire to censor any criticism of Islam is that most European countries have criminalized Holocaust denial, so the excuse of "freedom of expression" rings hollow.

Saudi Arabia's Al Madina take a slightly different tack. They asked a panel of  Arab "experts" why "the Jews" managed to criminalize Holocaust denial but Muslims have been unsuccessful in doing the same against "defamation of religions"?

The question itself is flawed for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it isn't "the Jews" who criminalized Holocaust denial in some European countries, it was the European governments who did so, for various reasons. Secondly, in some of those countries the laws are not specifically against Holocaust denial but against denial of other genocides as well or even more generalized hate speech.

The "experts" answers, however, show why it may makes sense in some cases to prohibit Holocaust denial - because their answers conform to the typical stereotype of Jews running the world!

One said that the Jews "control the economy and the policies of the world," which the Muslims do not, so that explains why Jews are so powerful as to put these laws in place but Muslims cannot.

Another "expert" noted that this was "due mainly to the capabilities of Jews' media, they dominate the world media that have succeeded through it to impose their vision on the Western countries; in contrast the media capabilities for Muslims is weak and ineffective and lacking professionalism and craftsmanship and the ability to promote properly the principles of Islam."

The bottom line is that many European countries understand that Holocaust denial is simply a precursor to anti-Jewish incitement, and they had seen first hand what anti-semitism could result in - the genocide of millions only because they were Jewish. "Islamophobia" might exist in a very mild form, but it will not result in genocide.

The "Innocence of Muslims" video is a perfect case in point. While the producer certainly wanted to incite people against Islam, there were no deadly anti-Islam riots as a result of the film. There were no calls for mass murder. The only incitement that resulted from that film was by Muslims, not against Muslims!

Anti-semitism remains real - and especially potent in the Muslim world. Last week a Jordanian newspaper called for the genocide of Jews, without the least hint of embarrassment. The answers given by these Saudi "experts" show also that Muslim anti-semitism is alive and well, and paradoxically give more reasons to enforce laws against hate. And their anti-semitism is so ingrained that they don't even notice it.