Monday, September 24, 2012

Egyptian army: Egypt will "cut off the hand" of Israel

Egyptian media are reporting today that a member of Egypt's Supreme Council of Armed Forces has issued a warning to Israel that they will "cut off the hands" of Israel if it decides to go after terrorists in the Sinai.

Egypt newspapers reported today that a member of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces issued a warning to Israel of the "consequences of challenging Egypt." According to his statements "Egypt is conscious of reports from Israel about the desire of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for a military operation in the Sinai to liquidate militants who pose a threat to Israel. " The paper quoted an Egyptian official emphasizing that "it will be cut off any external or internal aggressor; we will not allow harm to a single grain of sand from the land of Sinai."
Given that they can't stop their own citizens from attacking Israel, it sounds like they prefer Islamist terror groups to control the Sinai than having Israel defend itself.