Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obese PalArabs beg Abbas for surgery

Now that Mahmoud Abbas has personally sponsored weight-loss surgery for a morbidly obese man in the territories, he may have opened up the floodgates of fat.

Firas Press reports on a woman who lives near Ramallah who weighs over 400 kg - nearly 900 pounds! She heard about Abbas largesse for the large and is now demanding the same for herself.

40 year old Fadwa Ahmad Jibril Alrushdi has been stuck in her bed for six years now. She is demanding help, saying that she has gained 50 kg just since last Ramadan!

Poor Abbas. Now every fat PalArab will be bugging him for their right to surgery, and he'll have to figure out new ways to cook the books so that EU and US money will go to help them.