Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hamas leader grovels for Saudi forgiveness

Firas Press publishes a letter from Hamas "political" leader Khaled Meshal to Saudi King Abdullah, where he politely grovels and begs for a meeting.

The letter says, in part,
I have written you a letter from my heart and mind, in the month of Ramadan two years ago, and knocked on your door many times, but have only received silence. Do you know - may God prolong your age -- Why all this insistence (not to speak to me)?

First, we have confidence and good thoughts for you, you are by virtue of your great qualities of dignity and a genuine spirit of Islamic, Arab, and the special status of the Kingdom on the Arab, Islamic and international levels, as you have become the subject of hope for many of the sons of Arabs and Muslims, and we are the sons of Palestine, where the Al Aqsa Mosque is, which is the brother of the soul of the Two Holy Mosques!!
I cannot translate the whole thing but it is filled with flowery language and compliments.

Meshal makes clear that he knows exactly why he has been spurned: firstly because of how Hamas acted after the last unity agreement that Saudi Arabia brokered, and secondly because of Hamas' close ties with Iran.

As we have noticed many times before, the Gulf nations seem to have had lost their patience with the Palestinian issue years ago. While they will publicly proclaim their solidarity, years of not paying their pledges to help speak louder than words. And Hamas is regarded in even lower terms than the PA because of its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, its Gaza coup and its ties to the Shiites in Iran.