Monday, June 29, 2009

Who says Abbas cannot compromise?

Mahmoud Abbas again today totally rejected everything in Binyomin Netanyahu's peace plan:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated on Monday his rejection of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s stipulations for a two-state solution.
But no one will call him a "hardliner" or a "rejectionist" or a "hawk" or any of the other pejorative terms that the media loves to give Likud leaders.

Perhaps it is because Abbas is very willing to compromise...with some people:
In a different regard, Abbas addressed the issue of the new round of Fatah-Hamas talks in Cairo. “We gave emphatic directives to our delegation to Cairo because we don’t want this dialogue to last forever, and we want this round to make success at any rate,” Abbas asserted.
In Arabic, the translation is somewhat stronger:
"We want this dialogue to succeed at any cost. I do not want to continue to dialogue forever. We do not want to continue to talk forever. We do not want there to be division among our people forever. These are the instructions that went out to our delegation to Cairo."
See? Abbas can be flexible, and he's willing to do everything possible for peace - with Hamas terrorists.