Monday, May 20, 2024

New article about the secret "Islamic University of Tel Aviv" where Jews learn to corrupt Islam from within

Every year or so, Arabic media publish a conspiracy theory that there is a secret university in Tel Aviv that teaches Jews about Islam so they can become preachers in the Muslim world and corrupt Islam.

It's that time again.that time again.

What do you know about the Islamic University of Tel Aviv? Why do they only accept Jewish students who are granted a certificate from Mossad departments with the title “Islamic preachers?” 

It was founded in 1956. Their mission is limited to going anywhere in the Islamic world with the title of an Islamic preacher. First, they receive studies in the history of Islam, the history of the prophets, the history of the Qur’an, and the sciences of the Abrahamic religions. Then they move to advanced stages in studying Shiite and Sunni jurisprudence. They focus on controversial points between Islamic sects.

Some of the students of this university have reached sensitive Islamic centers after the graduation of a number of scholarly cadres, and some of them were appointed to Arab and religious universities. They taught history and comparative jurisprudence in most Islamic countries. Their arena for reporting is in two important lines through which their thought is transmitted to the general public:

The first: young people who have no experience or culture. They inject into their minds a number of suspicions that require a scholar experienced in Islamic beliefs to answer them. Suspicions spread among university youth of both sexes, who are not armed with religious culture. At the same time, they are supported by websites opened from inside Tel Aviv that feed the idea and open fake stations and websites in the name of a person {Shiite or Sunni} who present programs that achieve the goal of dividing Muslims, thus deepening the rift between the ignorant and the semi-educated.

The second group that is relied upon are the religious cadres, because the Mossad needs an arena and cadres to spew the poisons of the people of Zion against the Qur’an and the religion of Muhammad {PBUH}, so some of the talismans or holders of higher degrees are chosen from among the Sunnis and Shiites who would sell their afterlife in this life. Or through civil organizations affiliated with the embassies of the United States of America and European countries in Arab countries. They are hosted in stations that represent evil, thus fostering and deepening division among Muslims, n exchange for money paid by the Israeli university.

I recently noticed one of the cadres at Tel Aviv Islamic University who had learned doctrines, intellectual principles, and comparative jurisprudence in religious branches. The preacher is Avichai Adraee, spokesman for the Israeli occupation army... During my follow-up of his talks, I found that the man carries a religious culture that qualifies him to be an informant for the Israeli university that taught him all the Islamic laws that some of our treacherous people from both groups do not know. As for the young people and some of those who are members of organizations bearing the title of civil society... they have fallen victim to the teachings of the Israeli university for teaching Islamic sciences.

This is a closed university, and they select professors with great precision, who have the mentality of determining which subjects are approved. Their mission is to raise difficult suspicions that arouse suspicion. 
Usually these articles go on to say that whichever flavor of Islam is the enemy (Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS) studies at this fictional university.

And I had no idea Avichai Adraee Avichai Adraee was a preacher!

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