Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Amnesty calls for the destruction of Israel on Nakba Day (update)

Amnesty issued a press release for "Nakba Day" that calls for the destruction of the Jewish state:
The current forced displacement of almost 2 million Palestinians and mass destruction of civilian property and infrastructure in the occupied Gaza Strip puts a spotlight on Israel’s appalling record of displacing Palestinians and its ongoing refusal to respect their right to return for the last 76 years, said Amnesty International marking Nakba Day. The day commemorates the displacement of more than 800,000 Palestinians following the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.
Amnesty has a bizarre interpretation of the "right of return" generations after the population left that does not apply to any other people. In fact, Amnesty has twisted international law to justify this mythical "right." 

The entire point of "return," of course, is to destroy the Jewish state by flooding it with antisemites who want to ethnically cleanse the Jews from the Middle East. Somehow that does not bother this "human rights' NGO.

Moreover, it cannot even get basic facts straight. No reputable source says 800,000 Palestinians left in 1948. Amnesty apparently learns its statistics of counting Palestinians from Hamas.  And many of the 600,000-700,000 who did leave (most voluntarily) left before May 14, 1948, not after. 

Amnesty, in its zeal to wipe out the Jewish state, can't even recount history correctly.

And do you know what word is not mentioned in this 800-word screed against Israel?


The very reason Israel is in Gaza to begin with is not mentioned at all. Amnesty wants its followers to believe that Israel just invaded Gaza for no reason, or perhaps to grab back the land it left in 2005. 

Amnesty redoubles its hate for Israel and Jews by mentioning "imminent risk of genocide" in Gaza, a purely antisemitic slander

This is antisemitism. And Amnesty, knows it, because it wrote an entire paragraph to deny it:
The instrumentalization of antisemitism to discredit protesters or criminalize criticism of the state of Israel’s policies, and the conflation of antisemitism with criticism of Israel’s violations of international law are particularly problematic and undermine authorities’ efforts to address the real and enduring scourge of antisemitism. Authorities must hold people accountable for both hate crimes and any advocacy of hatred that constitutes incitement to hostility, discrimination, or violence, regardless of whether directed at Jewish people or at Palestinians, Muslims or other groups.  
Amnesty, by invoking "genocide,"  is directly guilty of incitement to violence in the many incidents of antisemitic violence especially in Europe. A Jewish man was murdered at point blank range in Egypt, on first person video, and the killer said "Shalom from Gaza's children."  

The constant barrage of lies about Israel's war against Hamas, especially by "Human rights" NGOs, is indeed direct incitement to kill Jews. As such, it fits the very definition of antisemitism that Amnesty claims exonerates it.

UPDATE: I see that Amnesty used to give lower figures for the numbers displaced in 1948 and 1967.  Which shows how intellectually honest they are. 

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