Sunday, March 03, 2024

Journalists know Hamas lies about casualty figures. They don't care.

The New York Times has a large feature article about the victims in Gaza - just like they seem to have every week.

Lives Ended in Gaza

Since the war started, more than 30,000 people have been killed during Israel’s bombardment and invasion. Here are some of their stories.

Yes, the "newspaper of record" is now saying, as fact, that 30,000 people have been killed. 

Their source? Hamas!

The thing is that reporters and editors know damned well that Hamas is lying about Gaza casualties. 

Look at their reporting for alleged mass casualty events in Gaza since October. 

After the Al Ahli hospital fiasco they admitted that there was no way 471 people were killed. The NYT reported a week later, "The death toll, initially put at 500 by Hamas and then lowered to 471, is believed by Western intelligence agencies to be considerably lower — but no number has been verified. The hospital itself was not directly struck; whatever caused the explosion actually hit the hospital courtyard, where people had gathered for safety, and a handful of parked cars."

Hamas claimed the October 13 Salah-al-Deen road explosion, also falsely blamed on Israel, killed 70 people but respected news media did not parrot those figures; some counted about 12

They all know Hamas lies about numbers. But they never report any doubts about them, even when they themselves show they aren't buying it in their reporting. 

The fact is that in the past there were independent sources in Gaza (like PCHR and the UN-OCHA) that could do their own counts and keep Hamas honest. Today there is nobody. So Hamas lies with impunity, since they see that the media  doesn't publicly doubt those accusations the way they do with Israeli statements. The "118" that Hamas claimed were killed by the IDF last Thursday during thee aid truck stampede includes absurd claims by the Gaza health ministry like there are still bodies being found at the scene two days later.  (It isn't like they were hidden under rubble.) 

This is a major media fail, happening in real time, in front of our eyes. And sometime in 2025 some researcher will spend the time to count all the deaths and discover that these are all lies, but it will be too late. 

It already is.

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