Monday, February 19, 2024

Turkish version of Independent-UK says Israel is sending Ethiopians to die in Gaza because, of course, Jews are racist

We've already shown how the Independent Arabia published pure antisemitism. Now it is the turn of the Independent Turkey to make up lies about Jews. 

An article by Mehmed Mazlum Celik spins new lies to give the impression that Hamas is destroying the IDF - and the IDF uses Ethiopian citizens as cannon fodder.

Faithful sons of Gaza with their sandals on their feet have destroyed 40 percent of the tanks known as  "Merkava-4" since October .

Moreover, this figure is the official data of the Israeli army, not Hamas.

The Israeli army fielded Merkava-3 tanks, which it described as garbage. They were planning to sell them to some countries in Africa.

While the human population is so valuable to Israel, there is a group that it does not hesitate to send to the front of the front and to the most dangerous points: Falasha Jews!

In fact, most white Jews think that the Falashas are actually Christians and have nothing to do with their religion.

Considering that the Israeli Blood Bank throws away the blood of Falashas even today, the question of why Jews from Falashas were sent in the front units to the oppressed people in Gaza is easily answered.

 Where to start?

Israel has about 600 Merkava fourth generation tanks; the number destroyed has not not released but it is probably in the single digits,, nowhere close to the hundreds claimed here. The author's claim that these are official Israeli army figures are a figment of his imagination. 

The Merkava-3 tanks are still an integral part of Israel's forces. They are not garbage by any measure.

Israel's blood bank ha not thrown out Ethiopian blood for years. It used to not accept their blood because of (valid) fear of HIV.  

At the same time they also banned donations from British Jews who lived in the UK from 1980-1996 because of fears of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. Does that make them anti-British, too? 

A look at photos in Haaretz' list of soldiers killed in battle in Gaza show very few who might be Ethiopians. I count only 10 with dark enough skin that maybe they could be Ethiopian, but most of those are probably Mizrahi and only about 4 seem certain. On the other hand, at the end of December, some 40% of soldiers killed had graduated from religious Zionist schools. 

As far as Hamas' military achievements goes, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant described a Hamas military that is disintegrating and its members suffering low morale, eager to surrender to the IDF rather than be killed. 

In Khan Younis, Gallant said some 200 terror suspects had surrendered to troops at Nasser Hospital, and dozens more at Al-Amal Hospital, which he argued indicated the loss of Hamas’s “fighting spirit.”

Gallant said Hamas’s Khan Younis Brigade had been “defeated and does not function as a military entity in any way.”

“Hamas is left with marginal [forces] in the central camps and with the Rafah Brigade, and what stands between them and a complete collapse as a military system is a decision by the IDF,” he said.

I trust an Israeli defense minister far more than some Turkish nobody who cannot point to a single source. 

That's a lot of lies in one Indy-Turkey article. 

If this was only in Arabic media it wouldn't be worth mentioning, but this is associated with the Independent and as such it shows how Turkey is making hating Israel a major political goal.

Of course, Al Jazeera picked up on this article and parrots its lies as truth. 

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