Thursday, February 22, 2024

The very regions in Belgium that ban kosher slaughter for "moral" reasons allow hunting

YNet reports:
The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France unanimously ruled that the ban on kosher or halal slaughter in the Wallonia and Flanders provinces in Belgium does not violate the European Convention on Human Rights. The decision follows a legal challenge by Belgian citizens and organizations representing Muslim and Jewish communities who argued that the provinces' rules prohibiting the religious slaughter of animals violated their freedom of religion.

The court justified its ruling, saying that "the protection of public morals could not be understood as being intended solely to protect human dignity in the sphere of interpersonal relations," and that the ban is "proportional to the aim pursued, namely the protection of animal welfare as an element of 'public morals.'" 
Wallonia and Flanders are the only two regions in Belgium where hunting game is allowed (it is banned in Brussels.) 

Even bowhunting is allowed in Wallonia. 

Game is considered a delicacy in Belgium. People are encouraged to visit Belgium during hunting season to experience eating animals that were shot.

A high percentage of animals that are hunted do not die immediately, but get injured and suffer tremendously. . No one seems to be too concerned about the pain that animals in Wallonia and Flanders feel when being shot. 

The very regions where hunting is celebrated are the ones where kosher slaughter is banned.

Doesn't this seem a bit inconsistent?

Not to mention that animals suffer tremendously in the "humane" Belgian slaughterhouses.

In 2020, the Court of Justice in the EU upheld the ban on kosher slaughter, and justified the incongruity of allowing hunting because painfully killing animals in "cultural or sporting events" is completely different than food production. Even though high end Belgian restaurants are filled with game on their menus during hunting season.

There is no question of "public morals" when it comes to killing animals with bullets from a distance. People who shoot arrows at animals are celebrated for their skill, while Jews who carefully and painlessly slaughter food for their tables are guilty of violating "public morals." And, of course, those who specifically seek out and eat game in expensive Belgian restaurants are considered gourmands, the elite of society, not immoral people who care not one bit about the humanity of the act of eating animals whose deaths were very possibly long and painful. 

It is perfect hypocrisy, and it is given a stamp of approval by European justice system. 

The only explanation is bigotry against Jews and Muslims. It is officially sanctioned antisemitism. 

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