Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Palestinian honor killings of thousands of women and children

One year ago, UN Women reported that "Nearly one-third of Ukraine’s population have been forced to flee their homes. Around 60 per cent of the 7.7 million internally displaced adults are women while 90 per cent of the 5.6 million refugees who fled Ukraine are women and children, making it one of the most gendered displacement crises of our times."

The men stayed to fight and they sent the women and children to safety.  Which is what normal people do during wartime.

The contrast with Gaza could not be starker.

Instead of trying to protect the women and children, Hamas wants them to die. The men hide underground and leave the women and children to protect them from IDF bombs. 

And the Arab world is complicit with this sick mentality. Without exception, they are all insisting that Gaza civilians be forced to stay in Gaza, most of them against their will. 

Ukrainian refugees are welcome in the Czech Republic, Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Romania and elsewhere. Egypt builds walls and stations tanks to keep Gaza refugees out.

UNHCR created an entire infrastructure for Ukraine refugees. UNRWA simply accepts that Gazans imprisoned , without even attempting to move them to their other areas of operation in the West Bank or Jordan.

Muslims love to explain how much they cherish their women, that the hijab is a sign of respect and keeps women safer (it doesn't.) But here is a real world case where women and children could have been in relative safety in neighboring Arab countries.

Not only does no one want them - they are gaslighting them to say that being stuck in Gaza is for their own good, that it helps the Palestinian cause. 

Because anything that can be blamed on Jews is considered a win to them. 

The mentality has been so thoroughly accepted that hardly anyone questions it. Palestinians just act this way, and Egyptians just act this way, and Jordanians just act this way, ad Gazans who disagree must be silenced. Human rights groups and the UN and other NGOs simply accept that Palestinians are perhaps the first civilians in the history of warfare who are forced to stay in a war zone and no one blames their neighbors living only a couple of miles away for building a huge wall to keep them out. And their leaders would prefer that they die than live elsewhere.

This is the opposite of chivalry. This is honor killing on a massive scale, where each dead civilian considered by Palestinians and their supporters to be not a tragedy but a net positive for the Palestinian national movement. 

Martyrdom is honorable. Escaping is shameful. It is a truly sick psyche. 

And if you think that this somehow makes sense, then explain why the world treats Ukrainian civilians so much differently. 

(h/t Irene)

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