Monday, February 12, 2024

Some of the dumbest Israel/Rafah/Super Bowl conspiracy theories getting millions of views

A good definition of when criticism of Israel crosses the line into antisemitism is when their narratives turn into conspiracy theories.

A great number of people think that Israel planned their hostage rescue to coincide with a sporting event because, something about distraction or something. 

Here are some of the more prominent purveyors of the latest antisemitic conspiracy theories:

Anytime that someone accuses Israel of trying to do something evil when the world is "distracted" you can be sure they are raving maniacs. 

Can you name one time that this worked? 

The newscast I listened to this morning had the daring Israeli hostage rescue in Rafah as the top story, and the Super Bowl came in second. 

According to the ones incensed by the Super Bowl ad to bring the hostages home, Israel bought the ad specifically so they can time the operation during the game. Ads are bought months ahead of time, but, hey, those Jews probably fixed the game anyway. 

Apparently Usher is part of the conspiracy, too.

This is not "criticism of Israel." This is derangement.  And it proves, as much as anything can, that anti-Zionism is psychologically identical to classic Jew-hatred - it is obsessive hate where anything even loosely associated with Jews/Israel is assumed a priori to be evil, and the details of exactly how to make the evidence fit is an exercise to be done after the fact.

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