Friday, February 23, 2024

Joe Biden puts lipstick on Palestinian pigs

The leader of the free world tweeted one of the most deceptive statements I've ever seen from a President:

I won't mince words.
The overwhelming majority of Palestinians are not Hamas. And Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people.
In fact, they're also suffering as a result of Hamas' terrorism. We need to be clear-eyed about that reality.

In a technical sense, there is no lie here. Actual Hamas members - Al Qassam Brigades terrorists and Gaza government employees - are not the majority of Palestinians.

But the majority of Palestinians support Hamas and Hamas-style terror attacks. The majority of Palestinians share Hamas' political goal of destroying Israel. 

The most recent PCPSR poll of Palestinians show these facts clearly.

72% of all Palestinians supported the October 7 attacks. In the "moderate" West Bank, the number was 82% - nearly a 7-1 ratio over those opposed to mass murder and rape.

A similar percentage of Palestinians are satisfied with how Hamas is acting (as of December.)

A Hamas presidential candidate would win over Mahmoud Abbas by a nearly 5-1 margin if there were elections today. Before October 7, Hamas would "only" have enjoyed a 21 point victory.

And in general,  60% of those who have an opinion support Hamas as a political party over all other parties combined.

Other opinions also align perfectly with Hamas positions. Support for a two-state solution stands at only 34%, but support for an armed terror uprising in the West Bank is double that, 68%. And as we've seen in previous polls, support for a two state solution is considered by the majority of Palestinian supporters to be only a stage towards a Palestine from the river to the sea: it is a phase of the conflict, not the end.

Biden's tweet can only be seen as setting the stage for recognizing a Palestinian state. it is designed to gaslight Americans into believing that most Palestinians support peace instead of murdering their Jewish neighbors. The truth is the opposite. 

The "two state solution" is a cult that would make things worse, not a solution. Awarding the most pro-terrorist people and the most antisemitic people on Earth with a state is not smart diplomacy but the slavish adherence to an idea that was proven to be deadly wrong with the outbreak of the second intifada. Just because he world doesn't have the imagination for anything better doesn't make it better than the status quo. 

We need creative solutions, not rehashing of discredited 30-year old conventional wisdom. 

There is nothing "clear eyed" about this tweet. It is knowingly deceptive. And a president who tries to deceive the American people does not deserve to be president. 


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