Friday, February 16, 2024

How to accuse Israel of the worst human rights abuses: a handy guide


A Handy Guide
Time tested by "human rights" groups!

1. Determine which specific crime against humanity you want to accuse Israel of. It is important to have a good libel in mind before you start to gather evidence. This is how the professionals do it.

2. Start to gather evidence. It is not strictly important that the evidence fits the legal definition of the crime; you can declare it does without fear of contradiction. Your audience is looking to affirm and confirm their antisemitism, not to seek truth.

3. (VERY IMPORTANT): While you are gathering evidence, you may find counter-evidence that disproves your accusation. Ignore this counter-evidence at all costs.  Even (and especially!) if you need to twist your evidence to make this work.  

4. Many accusations of war crimes, like apartheid and genocide, requires you to be able to read the minds of Israeli leaders and Zionists. When they say they want to "eradicate Hamas," for example, we all know that they mean "eradicate Palestinians."  We know this because they are Jews, and Zionist Jews are slippery liars so you cannot trust what they say - only what your psychic abilities tell you they really mean.  This predetermined assumption of guilt is a major part of building the case that they are indeed guilty. 

5. Write a very long, heavily footnoted report. When you present 300 pages that show only one side of the story, no one will even think to spend the time checking all those footnotes. The more footnotes, the more people will think this is a serious work of scholarship and not a one-sided hack job that is desired. 

6. Some stubborn Zionists will still insist on checking the footnotes out to prove that you are lying, or taking facts or quotes out of context, or making things up.  Do not link or refer to primary sources. Link only to media articles that already twisted the primary sources to damn Israel (The Nation, Time, Washington Post), and treat them as if they are the real source.

7. Liberally quote other reports of human rights groups who have already used these methods to "prove" their own slanders against Israel. When a major human rights group accuses Israel of something like apartheid or genocide or settler colonialism, that makes it a fact that you no longer need to prove again.  

8. Treat every Palestinian claim as absolute truth, and quietly discard them when proven to be false. Treat every Israeli claim as already disproven hasbara.  In this case, references to Electronic Intifada, Max Blumenthal and Mondoweiss are exceptionally valuable., since they can do the lying for you. 

9. If you must refer to Palestinian war crimes to appear balanced, give a passing mention to "rockets."  Never mention incitement, rape, murder, antisemitism, misogyny, wife beating, gay bashing or anything else. 

10. When forced to debate Zionists and they mention Palestinian war crimes and extremism, blame Israel. Palestinians have no agency or choice in how they act. When Israelis are killed, it is their own fault, and no one else's. 

11. Avoid context. Never look at the entire picture. Never compare Israeli actions with those of any other country. Look at Israel with a microscope and don't compare with what other nations do in wartime. (The only exception is if you find a creative way to say Israel is the world's worst at something, like the "most destructive war in the 21st century in an area less than 400 km2 with a Z in its name.") 

12. Build on the work of those who came before you. Find obscure concepts like "domicide" and popularize them by applying them to Israel only. If you get lucky enough to apply a new human rights abuse to Israel, repeat it over and over. Make sure that if anyone does an Internet search for the term, Israel fills up the first page of the results.  

13. Even though you spend all your time and effort attacking Jews, strenuously deny you are antisemitic. Claim to be merely a "critic" of Israel, a nation you fervently want to see destroyed. Accuse those who say you are antisemitic of being  the real bigots if you identify as a woman, a person of color or a Jew yourself. 

14. Finally, learn to lie. Find photos on the Internet from sub-Saharan Africa and claim they are Gazans. Use AI to generate photos of thousands of dead children. Refer to nonexistent Talmud sources or fictional quotes by Ben Gurion.  Make up new international laws. Pretend UN General Assembly resolutions are legally meaningful. As long as you speak confidently, people who already hate Jews will believe you no matter what you say.  You will be surprised how many people are eager to hear new ways to blame all the world's problems on Israel and Jews.  

These are all time tested, repeatable methods that have worked well over history against Jews and now against Israel.

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