Tuesday, January 16, 2024

While Israelis are pitching in to help each other, Gazans are price gouging their neighbors

We've seen the stories about how Israelis are volunteering to do farm work that had been done by foreign workers, or spending whatever spare hours they have where they are needed,  of Jews worldwide coming to Israel to volunteer to help, volunteering to or to give empty apartments to those who have had to evacuate their homes, or hotel operators providing free room and food for those who need during the war. 

In Gaza, things are quite different.

Amad has an article and video showing how Gazans are price gouging their friends and neighbors,. Cheese has quintupled in price, medicines are being sold for stratospheric prices, people with cars are charging exorbitant rates for evacuees to move to safer areas. "The merchants have no compassion, mercy, or humanity for the condition of the people of the Strip," the article says as it details the huge price hikes Gazans are suffering from.

This besides what we've already seen - Egyptians promising they can get Gazans permits to leave, also for exorbitant prices. 

In Israel, misery is shared and everyone pitches in. In Gaza and the Arab world, it is something to take advantage of.

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