Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The people who block bridges and highways and the Houthis have a lot in common

Tim Black wrote on Spiked:

The Houthis’ attacks might not have had a significant military impact so far, but they have severely disrupted global trade. More strikingly, they have slowly started to thrill some Western leftists. After news broke that the Houthis had seized an Israeli-linked ship in early December, socialist magazine Jacobin painted the Houthis as an honourable anti-imperialist resistance movement. ‘They felt obliged to act’, it opined, ‘because of the strong, historically rooted support for Palestinians among the Yemeni people’.

Since then, the Houthi cheerleading among the left has only become louder. Self-styled ‘progressives’ have taken to expressing pro-Houthi sentiments on social media (Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King even managed to have his X account taken down for doing so). And on New Year’s Eve, pro-Palestine protesters decided to fill the New York City air with a new pro-Houthi chant: ‘Yemen, Yemen, make us proud! Turn another ship around!’

Isn't it wonderful that the socialists who support Hamas also support another woman-hating, gay-hating, Jew-hating Islamist group? A group that has, incidentally, been responsible for the deaths of some 150,000 people?

Sounds like genocide!

But the parallels between the far-Leftist antisemites and the Houthi antisemites don't end there. After all, they share the exact same methods.

The socialists disrupt normal travel in America and Europe, including an attempt to block all traffic to the city with the most Jews in the world. The Houthis disrupt normal commercial traffic in the southern Red Sea. As one news report says, "their targets have increasingly tenuous — or no — relationship with Israel and imperil one of the world's crucial trade routes linking Asia and the Middle East to Europe."

And both of them claim to do it "for Palestine."

We are reaching the point where anyone can do anything they want and they can expect to be supported by the significant number of Jew-haters as long as they claim to be doing it "for Palestine." There doesn't have to be any relationship whatsoever between their actions and helping Palestinians, but the claim is enough to warm the hearts of leftist antisemites.

We have reached a point where the socialists can explicitly support a group whose very slogan says "Curse the Jews." 

We are not too far from this. As long as they say it is "for Palestine."

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